Simple, Fast, Accurrate!

Always know your portfolio value and its change.

Kriptofolio – free open source minimalistic cryptocurrencies portfolio app.

This app will track all your cryptocurrencies in one place and let you know how much they are worth converted to fiat money.

The important thing for the user is that this app is going to ensure 100% trust. It will not require any login/registration process. It won’t collect users’ data by sending it to the server. Users’ provided data about cryptocurrency investments will be only stored inside a local database that is kept inside an Android device. Of course, to know the portfolio’s value converted to the fiat money, the app is going to use the Internet to get the latest conversion rates.

As the topic of money for people is so sensitive, to ensure trust, this app is being developed openly by creating blog posts series and making the project code available so everyone can see that there is nothing to hide.

Author Andrius Baruckis

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Kriptofolio main screen

Less is more <=>

Minimalistic and secure cryptocurrencies portfolio app that you can trust!



Get the accurate, timely and releable cryptocurrency market data from one of the most popular provider in the industry – CoinMarketCap

Smart calculations

Smart Calculations

Find out all your owned crytocurrencies total holdings value and its change during last 24 hours.

Offline first

Offline First

Even without Internet connection this app will appear working at all times and provide a smooth, stable user experience.

Fiat currencies

93 Fiat Currencies

Quickly switch between multiple supported fiat currencies and see your portfolio being recalculated on latest exchange rates.


4 Languages

Easily change language of the app from inside. Right-to-left (RTL) language mode is included as well.

No registration

No Registration

Stay completely anonymous, no registration required. App will NOT collect your private crypto data.

Development process

Learn how this app was build from the scratch!

Development process is covered up by own tutorial series.

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Originally tutorial series of posts was published for author’s blog

Yes, it is an Open Source project 📖

Available on GitHub

From the beginning this app was developed with the idea to make it fully transparent, fully open to everyone. I have started working on this project alone, which included not only writing code, creating UI/UX but also writing tutorials and building all the marketing stuff like this website which you are visiting. Would you like to help with coding, design, translations, ideas? You are very welcome to join and cooperate building free and open cryptocurrency portfolio client!


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